A new family member, an overblown Xmas party, and our open-source work

Published at Dec 17, 2020

This is it, our last update in this fricking year full of global challenges, climate disasters and the coronavirus crisis that hit most of us damn hard. Dystopian things happened, which nobody would have ever imagined, and destroyed many lives, dreams and success in no time.

But 2020 has also shown that the vast majority of people can adapt quickly to the new conditions, break with their habits and work together to find a way out when our lives are in danger. This gives us hope that we will also be able to handle the major challenges of our century.

Let’s call it a day for this year, or as John Oliver from HBO says: “Fuck you, 2020.”

🥳 Welcome Michael Becker!

What lovely news just before the end of this year! We are more than proud to welcome Michael as a new part of our überdosis family. His skills as a web developer, his professional experience in successful digital companies and his calm and kind nature are a perfect match. It’s like we both swiped right on tinder!

If you want to know him, visit his GitHub and Twitter profile.

🎄 The first remote über Xmas party

This was a very challenging year for us as a company too. Since the first lockdown in March, most of us have been working from home and some colleagues haven’t seen each other in real life for months. So we were all more than excited to have us for real at our Christmas party in December. But, thanks to the corona pandemic, we decided to make it a digital one this year.

First, we ordered a pre-cooked three course menu from the “Café am Neuen See” home for everyone and had a video conference with the chef, who showed us in his private kitchen how to warm up and serve the three courses properly.

Second, we cooked and ate together in front of our computers and told funny stories of überdosis from the past years. By the way, the menu was so delicious, no delivery service can beat that!

Third, after dining we did the digital version of Secret Santa. Everyone created something digital for his or her drawn gift partner. We saw a lot of funny games, videos and apps. What the hack, apps? Yes, the boss level of digital Secret Santa gifts!

Fourth, we shared nameless pictures from each other as a baby and child and everyone had to guess who of us the little nipper on the picture was.

The final act was a casual digital get-together until 1:30 a.m. This was such a lovely and entertaining evening and we are more than thankful to have each other – as a team, as colleagues and as friends.

🙋 Our way to Open Source: a brief glance

As you may remember, we decided on a few groundbreaking things earlier this year, like becoming an open-source company. Since then, we have published 25 projects on GitHub, especially the source code of our successful macOS apps Mouseless and Glyphfinder.

We also developed an open-source strategy for our new major project tiptap 2, which has been in alpha status since last month. While tiptap 1 has more than 8,600 GitHub Stars and an incredible 84,000 downloads per week, we are pretty sure tiptap 2 will beat that number tremendously.

We are so glad to see that people worldwide help us maintain and improve our open-source projects and sponsor us on github.com. Thank you so, so much! You are one reason why we do this!

Find our open-source projects at github.com/ueberdosis Become our sponsor at github.com/sponsors/ueberdosis

✍️ Our blog is growing, a little bit

We started the perhaps 348th attempt of our blog in September. Indeed, producing blog articles continuously is not one of our skills and, let’s face it, nobody knows how long we’ll keep it up this time. But is it worth it writing our thoughts on the web? Double, indeed. The good news is that we have already had 8,000 page views on our blog in the last month. Seems like we write some kind of interesting stuff which gives us enough dopamine to continue for a while.