Our open-source editor framework Tiptap is one of the most downloaded in its category worldwide. It is powering the text editing interface of thousands of applications all over the web.


Indeed, this company name is as cool as ours, and so is the product. With Laserfocus, you have a smart and user-friendly app on top of your messy salesforce account to focus on your job as a salesperson.

We love working with überdosis because they give a shit! As a small startup, you need missionaries, not mercenaries - and agencies are, in general, the latter. But the überdosis team cares on the same level as us founders about our product.

Daniel Dinh
Daniel Dinh
Founder of Laserfocus
Haufe Onlinetraining

Haufe Onlinetraining is the e-learning platform of the well kown Haufe Group, with more than 50.000 participants per year. Creating its new extensive web application’s UX and UI design was not far away from rocket science.


As parents, we are big fans of Stokke. Their innovation team wants to involve people more in their product design workflows and motivate them to send in ideas. We build this lovely website as a first touch point for users.

We loved working with überdosis. It felt as if they were part of our own team. Working with them is like riding a bike: You just know you do the right thing.

Joss Hänisch
Joss Hänisch
Head of Innovation at Stokke

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this web app can compare your salary with that of your industry, completely anonymous and GDPR-compliant. Wage transparency finally reigns!

We are very happy with überdosis as a partner who not only understands our technical and UX needs and implements them in the shortest possible time, but also advises us on all business matters.

Tobias Egli
Tobias Egli
CEO at Lohncheck

To boost our productivity, we created this beautiful macOS app to learn keyboard shortcuts for more than 28 apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, XCode and Slack. And guess what? It worked!


Successful content marketing is a tough challenge for small and midsized companies. Aioma provides a web platform for creating, distributing and maintaining your content and strategy, with smart algorithms.

Haufe eAcademy

Occupational education is the core business of the Haufe Akademie. They are one of the tops in their industry, but with their e-learning web platform, they digitalize and disrupt their own business in a very successful way.


If you need an easy-to-use, sustainable and GDPR-compliant cloud-hosting without vendor lock, you should take a look at our PaaS Servivum

IVU Traffic Technologies

As a global player in building IT systems for bus and rail, IVU needed a website with clear information architecture and valuable content that would suit very different international audiences.


Every designer and writer knows the situation when you need to type glyphs on your keyboard and have to search them like a maniac. This macOS app provides you an excellent search for every! fricking! character!

Glyphfinder looks like a great little app.

Rasmus Andersson
Rasmus Andersson
Ex Design Lead at Figma
iris intelligent sensing

The high-tech company develops 3D sensor technology for public transport. To explain a product, which is nearly invisible, you have to tell a story about it that makes it tangible and visualize its benefits for your business.

The cooperation with überdosis is always precise, reliable and demand-oriented. They ask the right questions and get through the requirements: excellent project planning with a focus on holism.

Marie Kuprat
Marie Kuprat
Head of Corporate Communications – iris intelligent sensing

When one of the largest law firms in Germany wants to streamline their HR Processes for over 600 employees on 9 locations, they need a smart and supportive web app with an engaging user interface to be successful.


To empower your employees to keep office windows and doors closed after they leave work, you can punish them or build an iOS app, connect it to IoT devices and nudge them in fun ways.


The media libraries of public broadcasters hide real treasures. To save you the hassle of searching for them or missing them, Shelfd curates the best content for you on its web platform.

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