If you have a specific project, a rough idea or a belief in a partnership that you want to discuss with us, Philip Isik loves to read your mail.

If you wish to apply for a job, Sarah Schulz is your fellow!

Email: mail@ueber.io
Phone: +49 (0)30 85 730 603
Address: überdosis, Kurfürstenstr. 56, 10785 Berlin, Germany

By the way, we have a dedicated email address for unpaid pitch-requests: no-reply@ueber.io.

Frequently asked questions

How much will my new website or app cost?

It depends on your needs. If you want a simple but lovely tiny website, it could start at 20,000 €. If you need an enterprise web-platform, it could begin at 300,000 €. You got it. We cannot tell you yet how expensive your project will be and how much time we will need. Get in contact with us, share your thoughts and we can talk about the timeline and costs.

It’s urgent. Do you have capacities right now?

If you are really in trouble because of things, we will try to help you. But if you have just forgotten to plan your product marketing landing page for your upcoming IPO, we don’t.

What’s your tech-stack?

Please have a look at our StackShare profile: https://stackshare.io/uberdosis/uberdosis

Do you make print stuff too?

Nope! We love handcrafted, detailed and precious printed products, but we don’t create them.

Come on, do you really not participate in pitches?

Requesting unpaid pitches tells us a lot about your company culture and your lack of understanding concerning our value for you. That’s not the way we want to work.

Can I pay you in company shares or cryptocurrencies?

No, company shares do not work for us. We need a hell of our hard-earned money to reinvest it in our self-made apps. And seriously, cryptocurrencies? We aren’t Darknet hackers and we have no idea how you want to explain your wish to the German tax authority.