That escalated very quickly

Published at Jul 29, 2021

First things first: Yes, we are too late with our second update in 2021. Shame on us and apologies! But wow, the last months escalated very quickly here at überdosis.

We moved to our new beautiful office at the end of April; we said goodbye to a dear colleague who left überdosis as a friend for a new job; we are also working on exciting projects, which we will present to you later this year. And the most wonderful news: Three lovely people joined überdosis:

Portrait of Lisa

Say hello to Lisa!

We are so thankful that Lisa found her way to us. As a senior accountant and fast thinking person, she will lead our back office to the next level. Fun fact: She loves playing video games as we do, which makes her probably the coolest accountant on earth!

Portrait of Becci

High five to Becci!

Well, we know Becci for a couple of years and followed her stories and projects with enthusiasm. She's a passionate and highly motivated designer, and we are more than happy that she joined überdosis last month. Together with Angi and Nick, Becci will design the beautiful user interfaces you all know and love from us.

Portrait of Bianca

Welcome on board, Bianca!

SOS, we made a rookie mistake: We forgot to hire a project management person for the growing team and projects at überdosis who helps us keep everything on track. Bianca is what we call an unbelievably organized and reliable person. As our first dedicated project manager, she will ensure that we have a calm and focused working environment here at überdosis.

überdosis Website Screenshots

One more thing:

With the growing team and the firm commitment to our defined values and goals, we decided to relaunch our website to communicate those to you all. Companies hire überdosis because they believe in our team and know that they can rely on us. With this knowledge in mind, we focused on the human touch for the re-design because it is important to communicate our values rather than a detailed portfolio.

Visit, and please tell us the truth: Do you like our new website?

überdosis Website Screenshots

Oh, there is another “one more thing”:

Because of COVID-19, we canceled our office retreat week to Belgium in 2020. But after one year of a pandemic-driven home office and social distancing, we decided to catch up on this trip to reunite the team in our beautiful rented chalet for one week. An eventful Saturday, a cozy Sunday, and four days full of workshops later, we feel like humans again.

Want to know all the insights and see some pictures of this gorgeous trip? Read everything this blog post.