Many of you ask us if we are a little bit crazy.
Yes, we are!

Did you know that there are six managing partners and nine decision-makers in our team of nine people?

Sven Adlung
Philip Isik
Sarah Schulz
Office Management
Patrick Baber
Martin Kriegeskorte
Dominik Biedebach
Sebastian Schrama
Project Management
Timo Isik
Nick Hirche

Being a part of überdosis doesn’t feel like working at the office.

It’s more like an endless journey with great friends. Sometimes we decide to take exciting detours on the way to our destination. But we always keep our shared vision in mind.

We welcome you to read our values to understand why we do what we do. This will may allow you to put the following sentences in a more apparent context.

Sounds a little bit silly.
Does it work?

Oh yes! Even if we love to try many new things, everyone on the team should be on board. We focus on transparency and many discussions within the company. We have no secrets, so everyone can get a clear view of the big picture, and decisions become more reliable.

A few topics push us with warp drive and we want to share these with you.


We want to be democratic.

Everyone in the team has one powerful voice to communicate his or her thoughts and ideas to change things across the company. Besides, everyone has the right to veto if they disagree. Each team member should be aware of the power of his or her voice and use it respectfully.


Our company should be open source.

The whole WWW is the result of open source software and enthusiastic developers who spend their lifetime on this idea.

Our commercial success as a digital company relies on open source software and we believe that we have to share our knowledge and software to play our part in keeping that idea alive. You will find all the nerdy stuff on

To be open source doesn’t end at making our code public. We want to share our company blueprint with you, too. That’s why we’re writing our thoughts on our blog.


We want to be sustainable.

Environmental responsibility shouldn’t stop at getting renewable energy for our office or eating less meat during lunch. We try to keep that mindset up in a holistic way for all our decisions and actions.

In fact, apps we’re developing should run in an energy-saving way on the server and user devices. Software developed by us should rather be continuously improved instead of always rebuilding it from scratch just because we are bored by the codebase.

We are on a good path to become a paperless office, but to be honest, German authorities, banks and insurances are a permanent deal breaker.

We compensate for our office’s entire carbon footprint and we have a no-flight policy for business trips. Instead, we prefer online meetings. If it’s necessary to have face-to-face meetings in other cities, we travel by train. And if there should ever be a reason where we have to drive by car or fly for business, we’ll compensate for this carbon footprint.


We want to engage ourselves in the common good.

We always care about other people and share our luck and wealth with you from the bottom of our hearts. We’re investing 20 working hours per month pro bono to social projects, such as creating Slack bots, challenging you to be more sustainable, and spending 1 % of our gross annual income on other social projects and NGOs.

It doesn’t matter where you have your desk.

Indeed, we absolutely love our Berlin-based office. It’s a peaceful, joyful and creative space where many magical moments happen. But we do know, there are times where you have or want to work from another spot. Sometimes for a few days, maybe for a long time.

We have a strong commitment that the best working location is where you feel comfortable and can unleash your creativity and talent, no matter if it is our office or a totally crazy place in the middle of nowhere.

And who the heck is going to pay for this?

Seriously, we know that we need a hell of a lot of money to reach our vision. The good news is, we have found a way to achieve it. It’s a long and hardened path. But in the end, we believe that’s the only one that gives us the freedom to be independent.

To cut a long story short: We reinvest the earnings from our company business into developing our apps and our idea of a humble and kind company. We don’t need venture capital because we are our own investors. It’s not the fastest way to get things done, but we are pretty sure that small steps are better than climbing fast and hitting the ground hard.

Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. We fail every bloody day but not the whole way back.

Last but not least,
what’s next?

Who knows? This is it, our journey till here. We just keep going. Anyway, it’s up to you how you deal with what you read above.

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Philip, Nick, Sebastian, Timo, Patrick, Sven, Dominik, Sarah and Martin